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        WAC presents
        family-friendly artworks
        lighting up Winnipeg
        Come play with us...
        Sep 28 - Oct 6

        Remembering Kathleen Richardson

        Join us on a Public Art Tour!

        Updates to Professional Development Grants

        Browse photos from the 2019 Mayor's Luncheon for the Arts!

        Read the Winnipeg Arts Council's 2018 Annual Report here!

        Poet Laureate Di Brandt at Winnipeg City Council

        Visit Winnipeg's
        Public Art Gallery

        World Poetry Day: Poetry in Many Languages

        with this
        available around the City 
        at librairies, galleries,
        museums, hotels, and more...

        Have you ever wondered where the arts occur in Winnipeg?

        Indigenous Artists & the Winnipeg Arts Council

        Access to WAC Office

        New Public Art
        is always in the Works!

        Watch the latest videos in our Art Matters video series!

        WAC Arts Billboard
        Your weekly listing of events, lls and culture

        Become a fan of our Facebook page to get all the news and happenings!